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Get early access to the 1st Ebook edition out Summer 2024!


Embark on an electrifying journey into the digital unknown with Tobby and Logan, two mischeaveous boys who accidentally stumble into the exhilarating world of the Metaverse during a Web3 summer camp.


As they navigate this mesmerizing realm, they quickly realize their predicament: the only escape lies in becoming minted Digicos (Digital Collectibles)! Racing against time, they cling to the hope that their parents will collect them before they're forever trapped in the digital abyss.


But with Digico creatures as their guides, will they unravel the secrets of the Metaverse and find their way back to reality, or will they be destined to roam Lost In The Metaverse for eternity?


Brace yourself for an immersive tale of friendship, discovery, and the boundless possibilities of the digital frontier written by Scifi children author, Claira Soazandge.

Lost In The Metaverse Ebook Waiting List

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